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plumbing-doctorOur previous experience with other plumbing wholesalers before we decided to do business with Express Pipe & Supply was at times slow, inconsistent and inaccurate. We are a commercial plumbing company with a specialty that requires immediate action. As a matter of fact, they called the owner, Bill John "The Plumbing Doctor" see the resemblance in the character on the top of this page?

Our focus was to arrive to the job, diagnose the problem and provide a cure. Any delay in material would cause a delay in our performance. Material sent to the wrong jobsite, you could just imagine the huge delay that would cause not to mention frustration and money lost.

A previous supplier that we used often would not get back to us right away when we sent for a price quote causing a delay in our pricing/proposals to our customers. In this competitive market it is imperative to be prompt and accurate so any delays from a material supplier's quote is so frustrating and has a negative affect down the line.

One negative example that comes to mind is a supplier in which the material quoted was 2 weeks back ordered. In our type of business things move very quickly and delays = unnecessary cost and less profit. We denied the request for material as our customer opted for a substitute item that was readily available at Express Pipe & Supply and was delivered the next day. Two weeks later the initial supplier sent the material to the jobsite and sent us a bill for the unneeded material. We sent our verification of cancelation but they refused to pick up the material and insisted that B & B Plumbing, Inc. pick up the material and return it to their supply house if we did not want to be charged. So many things went wrong with this order.

After switching to Express Pipe & Supply we have received personalized service that is consistent. Our purchasing department can call, email or fax a material quote request and we are answered right away from Express Pipe and their staff without a delay. The fast, accurate service we receive helps us to service our customers in the same manner.

Express Pipe & Supply has helped generate business for us by staying consistent in the fast, reliable and great pricing they offer B & B Plumbing, Inc. The emphasis on great pricing goes along was these days when people in general have tighten up their money belts! We need to offer our customers great pricing to bring them in and our quality work will bring them back. 10 years ago we experienced phone call after phone call coming in from commercial business owners who needed plumbing work done in their homes. At that time we did not have a service center as we were 100% commercial plumbing shop. We needed to offer these "service type" customers great pricing or they would just go to Home Depot and forget B & B Plumbing, Inc. Express Pipe & Supply gave us the opportunity to service the general public and now were happy to say we have a fully staffed "Service Center" and many repeat happy customers! Thank you Express Pipe for your knowledge and understanding of our plumbing needs!

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