At Express Pipe we take our relationships with our manufacturers very seriously. They are a lifeline to us as we are to them. It's a relationship that is professional and very personal; and like our customer relationships, they stand the test of time. Which goes to the core of delivering outstanding solutions.

As we all know, many plumbing projects require specialty products and custom designs unique to a specific customer, so not only do the products have to shine, the people who sell them must shine as well. Our people have developed extensive personal relationships with manufacturers throughout the industry, allowing us to cut through the clutter, get to the right people and find the information or products you need to take the hassle out of your project.

Not only do we deal with manufacturers on a daily basis, we get preferential treatment. They know what our customers expect from us and they want to make sure they come through as well.

We are among the first to get new product updates, launches, and sneak previews. We also know the right people to call to check on your shipping status or get your product warranty or technical questions answered.

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